Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ADAPT on Wednesday

After learning that implementing the Community Choice Act would only cost middle class taxpayers $6.07 annually according to a Harris Poll that was released today, I am trying very hard (and at the moment succeding)to not become livid. For the lack of $6.07 a year, thousands of Americans who have committed no crimes are incarcerated in institutions. What can you buy for $6.07? McDonald's? Some potato chips? A 1/3 of one month's worth of basic cable? Not much! In fact, I have two story ideas planned around this $6.07, one is I'm going to look for change on the street and add it to a change jar until it comes up to $6.07, then I'm going to write about how long it took me to find it. Secondly, I will go to various stores and see what $6.07 affords me. I don't think it will be much or anything very good for me.

The other exciting thing that happened today was that stan Bangenstos of OCR and DOJ came to his pre-arranged meeting as promised. It's amazing what you get when you simply show up outside someone's office with 500 people! He seems really nice and committed to his job, but we'll see what we what see. I don't trust most politicians. I know that sounds aweful, but it's true. He listened to everybody's story.

the most poignant story to me was Joey's from Indiana. It could have been mine. In fact, it was. He also had to move states unwillingly because of service needs. He asked Mr. Bangenstos if he would ever be able to go back home. Mr. Bangenstos said it was the right of every American to live wherever they want to and that does not change because they are disabled. I hope/believe that maybe this man might be the one who lets me move back home and still live on my own. I have no desire to live with my parents and indeed I won't do that again no matter what happens. But Philly is nice, so is Pittsburgh. I could move there, no problem because I'd close enough to visit, but far enough away to not have my parents in my business.

Now I'm off to party. Work's done, now it's time for fun. I'll miss everyone here as always. I can't believe I won't see them until September. Back to Massachusetts and being by myself. I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I won't let my situation steal this evening.

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