Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hope or ADAPT Saturday

Today was the first day I arrived in DC with something to do. I had two other plans (a War Tax Resistance rally and Youth Pride DC, but both were cancelled). I’m mad that I left my grandmother’s birthday celebration in Atlantic City at the crack on dawn Friday at get to said, non-existent events!

But I met two awesome, able-bodied men .Te first was Steve, a Quaker from DC, who lent me the money to crash at a hotel after my event and therefore event related housing went bye-bye Saturday night.The second was Jim, a space physicist who shared my table at the bar. He asked why we were there. I told him. He was amazed. I think we have a new ally. He was especially moved when I told him how I had to move from Pennsylvania (where my heart still is, truth be known) to Massachusetts just to get the services to live on my own. He plans to call his media friends and he also gave ADAPT $50! I turned it over to Nancy Salandra, who is our Fun Run Organizer right away.

If more able-bodied men behaved like this, I’d have a lot more able-bodied male friends. Tomorrow starts the action officially with workshops and the Fun Run. Stay tuned!

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