Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Food Justice for EBT users!

re you a food stamp user? Did you know some farmers’ markets take EBT? They do. Better yet, you can double your food stamp benefits if you shop at the markets! Just give the market registrar your card (you can ask where they are) and they will give you tokens for a value of $2.50.

You can buy vegetables, meats, breads, or even vegetable plants! In Northampton yesterday, I brought a small block of feta cheese, a small bag of salad (good for 4-5 bowls), and a dozen organic eggs for $8.75 in benefits. Not bad, especially when I plan to buy big groceries (including ethical meat) next week when I get another installment of food stamps. I'll have a very happy belly on Tuesday. I'm thinking of spending $50 in tokens, that's $100 at the market, yay! Maybe I'll just get $30, because I don't want freezer burn, as my assistant pointed out.

Find out farmer’s markets in you’re area that take EBT, by clicking here. The website says it’s only for Western Massachusetts, but you can find any city by changing the town search parameters on the site. So, find your local participating market and eat some local, fresh food this season!

This news made me so happy. I love farmers markets, but can't always go because of the food stamp issue. This is easy access to fresh food. My body is screaming, "Oh Yay!"

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