Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Housing Blues

I live in a crummy apartment complex. It's subsidized, allows me to have separate sleeping quarters from my assistant (always important when one might recreate- blush, blush, wink, wink), and has all my stuff on the wall.

Bur I live on a bad bus route and must be home by 10:30 weeknights and 10pm on Saturday, the only day I can stay out late is Sunday,when the buses run until 11:30pm.

I keep trying to move, but nowhere is available and wheelchair accessible. This very morning, someone called and said an apartment was available. But then thety called back and said I didn't have the needed voucher. So the apartment vanished in a poof!

I realize I'm lucky to have house and be living free and not in some Godforsaken nursing home! I'm lucky to live in state with good personal assistance services, but is it too much to ask that I be allowed to go out until midnight maybe? Is it too ask that I not have spend all my hard earned writing money on van service, because getting around on the bus is impossible. If I lived on a good bus route I'd pay $18 to travel the whole month.

This day of dashed hopes that I didn't know I had has put me a bad mood!