Saturday, April 24, 2010


The reason this blog came into existance today is that my other, long standing disability rights blog went bye-bye with no warning and I really went to be a part of ADAPT's blog swarm this time. My goal will be to write about disability rights, the life of people with disabilities (I tend to say disabled people or use reclaimed, insider words like gimp or crip; disabled folks I know have reclaimed it the way some LGBT folks have reclaimed queer). Note to members of dominant communities: don't use insider language without asking first. It's presumptuous and overly familiar.

My goal here will be to talk about disability rights in general, as well as how disability rights impacts other social justice struggles. I hope that this blog will get people from various stuggles networking and talking. As Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King said, "the moral arc of the universe may be wide, but it bends towards justice." May this blog and my work over all, help it bend quicker!

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