Monday, January 10, 2011

PWD in Taipei take on McDonalds!

As many of you know, I'm one proud ADAPT member. Today, I'm especially proud of these folks; members of the Taipei, Taiwan ADAPT chapter. According to the reports I'm getting on the NationalAdapt Freeourpeople facebook page ADAPTers refused food and assistance and were covered by 8 media outlets. Here is a google translated
article about the action. It sounds a little funny, but you can get the idea!

ADAPT's Sandie Yi and Rahnee Patrick did a training with the Taipei chapter before Christmas. Ms. Yi, who is a native of Taiwan, finished the second part of the training today which resulted in today's action, held at a local McDonald's, in which members demanded increased access. One disgruntled customer yelled "idiot" as he tried to push a wheelchair user out of the way. "When one of our people tried to protect the wheelchair user (papa), the man got pissed off and grabbed our people. Then, it was quite a push and pull. Gladly, no one was hurt." Ms. Yi, added in an e-mail account.

What can American PWD's and allies do to support their colleagues overseas? Spend a moment tomorrow contacting McDonalds. You can reach James Skinner by Phone at 630.623.3000 or fax: 630.623.5004 at US McDonalds and demand Taipei McD's be made wheelchair accessible!