Friday, January 22, 2016

To Good Boys in Blue

Note:  I know this post will cause controversy, Some people I respect may accuse  me of  exscusing polic brutality. Not at all and not ever. I am just praising good officers. They need it, as does anybody with a difficult or dangerous. They also must remember that the people expect them to put duty above the uniform and report those who misuse the  badge.

To Whom This Should Concern:

I am not addressing this letter to 'Officer Yahoo'. The one who is always gettingt reported/written up for excessive force. The one who makes derogatory comments and tells the kind of jokes that stopped being appropriate workplace humor back in the '70's.

I am addressing it to the many fine people who put on blues everyday. The ones who catch rapists. The ones who keep drugs out of schools. The ones who came from marginalized neighborhoods and fought to make them safer. The ones who get my pudgy butt off the ground after a mobility misstep.

Don't judge people by their color. Assume competence. Be a friendly face at the grocery store, the soup kitchen, and the little league game. Report those officers who cross the line and advise those who don't quite measure up, but have potential. Help them be they people you see when you look at them.

Your attitude and example matter to your fellow officers and the community you serve. Be the amazing person dedicated to protecting and serving that you trained to be during your academy days. You are so necessary and I appreciate you.