Monday, January 21, 2013

In rememberance of Dr. King on his Holiday

Every year I have lived here, I've gone to the Martin Luther King celebration in Northampton. I was supposed to go to my 13th one today, but as you know, I've been sick with a broken leg and other health issues. Yesterday, my bladder and bowels started misbehaving. I hoped  to be better enough to go anyway, but when I woke up I was still sick,: so rather than go and further endanger my own health or risk ruining the celebration by having an unfortunate medical emergency. I spent the day at home.

This doesn't mean I forgot Dr. King  or his message of service. Indeed, I spent my convalescence playing free rice, a learning game where you can buy people who are starving grains of rice through the World Food Programme for every question you get right. I earned over 2,000 grains today alone!  I also learned some new words which I think Dr. King would've approved of and plan to use them in future poems. Additionally, I am recording a few Dr. King related programs, which will hopefully spawn yet more poetry. I may even make more found poems, if this activist has enough nerve to reformat the great man's words.

So, it wasn't the MLK Day I planned to have, but it was the one I had. I don't think Dr. King would have minded. All things considered, life handed me a few lemons and I managed to make a pretty good glass of lemonade.

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